July 2017

I really don't understand littering

Something I just don’t seem to understand is the thought process when throwing trash on the ground, even more so when it’s a burning cigarette. I mean come on, they don’t even put it out. After all, … more →

I did naaaht! Oh hi Marc

The worst movie ever made, the best bad movie ever, the Citizen Kane of bad movies. There are many ways to describe the phenomenon that is The Room. After all, the movie is 14 years old and people … more →

Why use generic Stock-Images?

When preparing and writing a blog post I always try to add a visual element to it which mostly consists of a featured image. It’s always better to pick up the reader with something visual that sets … more →

Blade Runner 2049, slightly excited

Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner from 1982 is arguably one of the most influential Sci-Fi movies of all time and it’s obvious now that no movie is safe from an unnecessary sequel. Of course, no sequel, no … more →

I suck at Miniature Golf

Realizing you suck at something is never easy, admitting defeat is just not in our DNA. So maybe this blog entry has some therapeutic effect. The last three times I went mini-golfing I was defeated … more →

A Redesign after all?

Once again it must be that time of the year where I play around with ideas for a possible new design for this page. Now I know what you’re thinking: Didn’t you just write the other day that you don’t … more →

What and how to write

When I started writing again this month I had this urge to just let “the World” know what I’m up to. I know that “the World” is currently one or two-person, but that’s beside the point. I have so … more →

Europapark in the Summer

Many people, including me, always preach to never visit the Europapark in the summer, especially with school being out in many parts of France, Germany and Switzerland. Well, we decided to fuck all … more →