All my thoughts, my work, and some stuff I thought would be interesting to share from over 20 years!

3D version of my comic version

I was recently sick for a week or so and therefore bound to lying on my couch and watching brainless content because focusing on something was just too exhausting. So I watched some old Big Bang … more →

Some Thoughts on 2022

It seems like the last two or three years, with every new start of a year I come out swinging, meaning new posts much more regularly, but I don't question, just go with the flow. And today I look … more →

2022 in Numbers

Even if I didn't write anything new for the last four months, I knew that I would at least start the new year with a look back on 2022 with some numbers like the previous years ( 2021, 2020, 2019) I … more →

Catching the Thread

I think I've realized something. I've been doing a lot of things the last few weeks, trying to understand myself a bit better, and I noticed certain patterns. This has been a different, and sometimes … more →

Feeling tired

I know that I've been absent for some time and I often thought about writing something again just so that I will increase my number of blog posts from the previous year, but more often than not what … more →

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John Oliver

Finally some 3D elements

I've always wanted to include something 3D, something created with Blender into my web design. The first thought was always the SP Logo in some shape or form. It's been some time since I've created a … more →