Getting ready for the big game tonight: FC Basel vs Manchester City in the Champions League 1/8 Finals. I know we don't have any chance but you don't often get to play against the best, if not THE best team in the world right now. I'm getting excited!!!

What an amazing Super Bowl

I’ve been watching the Super Bowl for the last 20 years or so, it‘s one of my traditions, so I’ve seen my fair share of games and there have been some turds over the years. But what I’ve seen on … more →

I was watching Super Bowl LII last night or better yet this morning so I'm still kinda tired. Was an awesome game though with the perfect winner. More an all this tomorrow

Tennis uses the language of life advantage, service, fault, break, love… every match is a life in miniature.

Andre Agassi

I suck at Miniature Golf

Realizing you suck at something is never easy, admitting defeat is just not in our DNA. So maybe this blog entry has some therapeutic effect. The last three times I went mini-golfing I was defeated … more →

My brand new Bike

So I bought a new bike, my first own bike after… let me think… 20 years, and I’m loving it. I once owned a bike as a teenager and I actually had it for maybe a month before it was stolen. In the … more →

Ich gratuliere dem FC Basel zum 7!!! Meistertitel in Folge, ein Start-Ziel Sieg und ein verdienter. Nächste Saison mischen wir die Champions League wieder auf!