I suck at Miniature Golf


Realizing you suck at something is never easy, admitting defeat is just not in our DNA. So maybe this blog entry has some therapeutic effect. The last three times I went mini-golfing I was defeated every single time and yesterday I was literally destroyed. I lost by fucking 21 points, that’s more than 1 point per lane.

When comparing my score with the ones before (Graph below) I didn’t improve nor did I get any worse. So maybe by me playing as bad as ever, I have to acknowledge my opponents' performance. But when I analyze yesterday's performance, which was just VERY uneven, I see so much potential. I scored a hole-in-one on a lane you don’t usually score hole-in-ones and then there are lanes where I need like 6 attempts to finally sink the ball in the hole from a 30cm distance.

Minigolf stats

I’m a bit competitive, I admit that, but I can keep my cool (unless it’s on a tennis court). But that yesterday bugged me a bit. So what can I do? Go to courses each weekend and practice like crazy? Order a practice mini-golf set for my place? Or let something that does not matter truly slide (see what I did there? Bonus points for those who noticed it). I guess the correct answer is obvious.