I did some Light Testing

I played around with the camera this weekend. First I did take some cool Photographs at dawn from the Roche Tower yesterday evening and today I wanted to play around with my lights at home and practice different kinds of lighting set-ups.

I recently purchased some color gels and a large light reflector which I all used today. Having a helping hand helps a lot because doing it all alone is VERY time consuming. Below are some of the best shots from this testing session:

Gutenberg after all?

I was trying out the new Gutenberg Editor for a project at work and I think it improved quite a bit since my first test with it back in August. I was so pleased with how it worked that I decided to implement it here. I made a quick test with the basic elements and it works quite nicely but more testing and adding new styling rules is required. So I will incorporate it very soon and use it for the Factory Detail view and maybe for the landing page as well.

In the mood for something Scary?

Ok let me explain, I had this idea for some time now (I think it all started in December) and I actually shot three different versions on three different weekends. The general idea was to shoot something simple and all alone and try to use masking for special effects. While shooting the second weekend I had a different idea which now turned into the final result. Shooting alone was an interesting yet complicated experience. Not knowing how a shot turned out until I rewatch it was time-consuming, also that I couldn’t properly block scenes because I didn’t know how it looked when there was no one I could use as a stand-in.

So with the last idea, there was suddenly a second actress and with that came the realization that I need more help, so with the help of an additional friend we shot the movie on Saturday within 6 hours. I cut the movie together on Sunday and on Monday I started to edit the music, which was the most important aspect of this short film. The idea was always to create a scary mood with sound, and not have jump scares and light flickering and whatever you find in today’s trashy horror films.

So I hope you all enjoy it, the feedback I’ve received so far is that people were feeling uneasy when watching it and that was the main goal, so I say this Soap Lab Experiment was a success.

So how’s one of my Resolutions going?

When I posted about my plans for 2019 there was one about walking through every street in Basel-City. Well after one month I think I’m already making lots of progress. So I took an image of the current status and keep in mind that it was January, meaning it’s cold and once it gets warmer I will walk around a lot more. So when you look at it I think this could be done by October already. But of course, it’s not about how fast but what I discover on this journey. There are a lot of nice buildings I’ve already seen thanks to the fact that I actually look at my surroundings instead of just walking with blinders on, not knowing what’s around me.

Progress from January, looks like a face with a hat

Just some Random Thoughts

Instead of the usual recap I always did on the last day of the month I thought I just write down some thoughts I had the last few days. But first some words about today’s Featured Image. Last year I wrote the recap post with an image featured a similar shot from Basel during the winter, that one was an image I found online. Today when I woke up it was snowing and the moment the sun started to come through I had the idea of recreating that image. I took some photographs from various angles (one was almost identical to that from last year) and decided to go with the one above which for me was the best of the bunch.

But the reason for today’s Blog Post is something else. Starting tomorrow a new part of my life is about to start. After almost five years of commuting every workday to Zurich, I will start my new job tomorrow here in Basel and I’m psyched. Gone are the days of spending 3 hours traveling per day to get to work. What this means is I will get to spend a lot more time here in Basel and hopefully reconnect with some friends, after all, I will have a lot more time to spend now.

Another thing that I noticed recently is the urge to blog a lot more again. I have to get back to a certain routine, a routine of doing something daily and through that get that creative juice flowing again. The extra time I will have is something which should be used to creative and productive things.

Then there’s the status of my next Short Film. I know that in my last Blog Post I wrote that I will be shooting Reflection the next day, well that kinda happened. I did actually start shooting but new ideas started to emerge and I realized that in order to bring those Ideas to live I need help, so what started with an idea to shoot a film all by myself has now become something of a group thing. I’m still in front of the camera but I need help for some stuff in front and behind the camera. The plan is to shoot it on Saturday and maybe I can edit it and compose some music on Sunday for a release beginning next week. But with daily Blog Posts, you will all be up to date on what the status of it is.

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