Did a lot of work behind the scenes. Redesigned the Status, Link and Quotes Formats and I went through all 500+ Blog Posts and reformated them for Gutenberg. I might go through them once more and choose Tags much more wisely. But now I’m tired and will rest a bit.

Chose your own Theme

Now that was a productive day, I kinda feel sad though that I spend the whole day in front of the computer, but when I see what I achieved I’m kinda happy.

What I mentioned yesterday I did today. There’s a new Icon in the navigation () which allows you to switch between a light or dark theme

I achieved that by using CSS Variables. There isn’t a second stylesheet which gets loaded but I change three CSS Variables through Javascript and store that in HTML Local Storage so that the look keeps when you cruise around the website.

Then I added a WordPress Customization to my Theme, which allows me to change the Color through a Color Picker. Same with the dark/light theme, all I do is change one single CSS Variable to change the color of the whole Page. The idea, I think, is to have different sections use different colors, but that’s the plan for another day.

Why the Girly Theme?

Yeah, what’s up with the pink, and white, theme? Well since you’ve asked. In my quest to improve upon version five I also played around with colors and with the possibility of a white, or light, theme.

For future theme switching, or whatever, I plan on using CSS variables and the ability to chose a light or dark theme and save those settings in a cookie. In the meantime, the theme will look whatever I feel like it should look.

I also played around with new buttons, not sure about them but I keep them for now, to see how I feel about them after a few days. I also optimized the mobile header. By making the logo smaller, there is more room for content now.

Yeah, I’m typing this on my iPhone with a few cocktails already cruising through my bloodstream, so any typos you will find, you can stick them up your…

Six will change some things

It’s subtle but there have been some slight changes to the page here. First I’ve created a new theme, Version 6, which is now running this place. The base has been Version 5 on which I make my changes. The goal is to use a more lean approach to the styling and let Gutenberg be the place to build Blog Posts.

Then there will be changes to the header, probably, make it less dominating and leaner so that the content is visible a lot earlier and faster. I’m not sure how I will do that yet, but I’m sure I will figure something out. Through all that process I will be using CSS Grid a lot more (the current blog post structure is already using it) and hopefully, this will allow me to get a more streamlined look throughout the page.

I will try to keep avoiding jQuery since I think websites can be built without that fancy framework, like I said, making it leaner is the main goal. Through that process I will have to go to all of the blog posts and clean them up a bit, especially put the Featured Image inside the blog posts (which gives me a lot more flexibility about its size) and rewrite the Quote, Link and Status Blog Posts in order to fully utilize Gutenberg for those kinds of Blog Posts

It’s funny how much I started to like Gutenberg when I think back to my first impressions back in August last year.

While I was at it the last few days, I realized that the AGCN Picture Gallery wasn’t working anymore, so I had to fix that as well, but all is fine again now.

I was in London for a few days

I know it’s been a while since my last Blog post but first I was sick for a few days and then there was a quick trip to London for just a few days to just get out of Switzerland for a few days and see something different again.

Of course, the camera made the trip as well and the plan was to take as many photographs as possible. BUT I forgot how chilly London can be (this weekend is now a LOT warmer than last weekend, oh well) and so holding the camera for too long was not possible without freezing my hands off. But I did get some shots, not as much as I plan, but still.

As you can see it’s mostly of buildings, I’m still not that comfortable taking pictures of scenarios with people and I still have to train my eyes to see interesting compositions. But I think these turned out quite nice.

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