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Ok let’s talk browsers

I’m reaching that point again (thanks to an update with iOS 14 where we can set a third-party default browser) where I think about switching my browser. I’m currently using Chrome on every device I own but Chrome has its drawbacks, its extremely CPU hungry (therefore drains the battery) and when it comes to privacy, well it’s a Google Product. So what are the options?

Well, there is, of course, Safari, the built-in browser for all my devices, with improved privacy features but the UI is not my favorite especially when coming from Chrome.

Then there’s Brave. A browser which prides itself on being a privacy browser. It’s a chromium browser which means it’s the same CPU hungry browser just like Chrome and currently, there’s no way to sync bookmarks between devices (for iOS such a feature is apparently in the pipeline). Syncing bookmarks is kinda important for me.

There’s other stuff like Opera and Vivaldi or the Tor Browser but I don’t want to try out even more. I installed DuckDuckGo on my iPhone and I love it, but there’s no desktop Version and no bookmark syncing between devices.

When I think about it, the logical step would be to use Safari, it’s optimized for my devices, it has tab and bookmark syncing and it’s much more privacy-focused than Chrome. But that damn UI.

I think I will test these three browsers for a bit, like work one or two days with just one and see how it goes. As for my iPhone, I will stick with DuckDuckGo for now, I mostly use the same websites anyway.

A new start with Eight

I know it looks kinda the same, and it pretty much is, but this is just the start of something that will hopefully end up being something new and different. But for right now, I like the new look, I like the simplicity of it and I like the fact that the performance of the website now is even better.

There is no Fontawesome anymore, yes there are still some icons but those are SVGs directly incorporated into the html. Those icons will change with custom-made icons but it takes some time. There’s also a much more distinctive font for the headings, and I LOVE it. It’s bold, it’s fun and it looks amazing.

The key visual looks kinda bland right now, I’m aware of that, but I have a plan, it just takes some time to create that. Like I mentioned above, a lot is still about to change.

There’s also a new menu item which deals with who I am, it’s empty right now, need to text something first, but it’s there. But now I relax a bit, for now, everything is good and I’m happy.

Where was I?

Ah yes… writing a lot more to overcome this hole I’m finding myself in. Well, I have some good news actually. I plan on releasing SoaPatrickEight sometime this weekend. Now, this won’t look like the screenshot from the last post, but more similar to SoaPatrickSeven, it’s actually the same base with some changes. But like I mentioned, the idea is building upon that base, and maybe one day end up somewhere similar to that screenshot.

The idea behind SoaPatrickEight is to get rid of FontAwesome, use different fonts, change the key visual part of the website, reduce the number of media queries and of course always improve performance and accessibility. The whole color concept and dark/light mode will stay but that might change further down the road, the interesting thing is that I never know where I end up with a new SoaPatrick version. It’s always an interesting journey where I end up learning so many new things.

On a side note, I’m hopefull that I start doing creative work again soon, maybe combine a drawing/sketch with a new blog post. Maybe take new pictures with my camera or play around with Blender again. After all my big fall vacation break will be soon and I always love having a small project during that time to really use all those free hours.

It’s been a different year…

I think we can all agree that the year 2020 (and maybe even part of 2021) will be remembered as a very different year, one that might change how we as a society function, but it’s also a very different year for each one of us personally.

At the beginning of the corona outbreak, I knew that with me working not that much I could use the newly found free time to get better at something. I used that time intensely to create a lot of Blender renderings and it was so fulfilling that I decided to buy myself a PC which much more horsepower. That PC has so far mostly been used to play RDR2 (which I enjoyed immensely) and less for creating things.

I’ve also been really tired lately, I think this special time has taken a toll on me or I really need a break from work badly. Yes, work, work has been difficult lately and it’s a topic I don’t want to get into but let’s just say getting up in the morning for work has sometimes been a real drag. But maybe a well-deserved break in October might bring some positive change and recharging my batteries is always a good thing.

So what’s the point of this blog post? Well, I think I just wanted to speak my mind a bit, therefore it might be a bit of a chaotic read, I don’t know.

I had some big plans a few weeks ago and it just feels sometimes like I’m having reached a dead end. I don’t do that much creative stuff and sometimes play hours of RDR2. Maybe the game just delivers the much need escapism I sometimes need.

The one creative thing I’ve been working on lately was SoaPatrickEight which started as a quite promising new idea and then decided to stick with incremental updates to my SoaPatrick themes.

SoaPatrickEight Beta
early design idea for SoaPatrickEight

This is a rough version of the idea I had for SoaPatrickEight, and I still might end up with that version someday but for now, SoaPatrickEight will look similar to SoaPatrickSeven with some smaller changes based on ideas I had for SoaPatrickEight. I think I just didn’t have the will, energy, and time to make a bigger structural change to my site because what is visible now is the result of an idea that started two and a half years ago with SoaPatrickFive. I’ve been perfecting that theme ever since, so changing everything is kinda like looking up a huge mountain and realizing what a steep and long climb that will be and I’m too tired for that right now.

I know I sound really depressed but I’m just tired (will be going to bed right after I publish this) and there’s no need for me to worry, just speaking my mind.

So what’s the take away from today’s post? I think writing a lot more again might be therapeutical, it once put me back on track and helped me get more creative, so maybe I have to put out my thoughts and hit the keyboard a lot more often.

Please don’t judge this post to harshly, I’m not sure it all made sense and I’m sure there are some grammatically weird sentences and I’m not even going to go through the text again to find them, so if you find some you can keep them. Me? I’m off to bed now, see you tomorrow.