And here is the rest

Unfortunately, I cannot deliver a full 12 days batch here because after Day 43 I had other priorities. But nonetheless, I thought I should at least present what I have been doing. What I started … more →

A Recap of the Drawing Challenge

I thought it would be a good idea to recap the 100 Days Drawing Challenge with days 25 to 36 , even though I’m currently not drawing any further. Glancing over all the days, there’s of course day … more →

My first good Self-Portrait

I’ve been drawing now for 40 days in the 100 Day Drawing Challenge and I’m past the moment where I draw for just 10 minutes a long time ago. But who cares right? I’m drawing that’s what counts. Well … more →

A Look back on Days 13 to 24

After the first 12 day recap , it was time to look back on the next 12 days on my way to the 100 Day Drawing Challenge . I must admit on some days it was rather difficult to get motivated and I think … more →

The End is Near

No not the end of this place here, rather the end of the work project meaning more time again for this place and I kinda look forward diving into my own little world again. In the meantime, I will … more →

Time for a Status Update

I thought it would be time to write a status update on my 100 Days Drawing Challenge just in case some people out there think I stopped or worse yet never started. I know I’ve been awfully quiet … more →

I've got some reading to do

I stumbled upon some drawing books I’ve found in one of my boxes in the cellar: Drawing Dynamic Comics and Drawing Cutting Edge Comics . Then I also found Inspired 3D Short Film Production , a book I … more →