Impressions from my walks

For almost a full year now I’ll talk a walk almost every day. The plan is usually to get up early in the morning, during winter time it’s still dark, and go for a walk. Currently, those walks last … more →

Short Day-Trip to Colmar

I recently also took a short trip to the beautiful french city Colmar, the weather was changing constantly between light rain and sunshine. Nonetheless, I took my camera with me and tried taking … more →

My Trip to Stockholm

I went to Stockholm a few weeks ago for a weekend with some buddies of mine and I took my camera with me, obviously, to capture some Images and get better with compositions and everything … more →

Getting back to other Stuff

my Cat Grissu looking mean I was working hard on this theme the last few days but today I realized (when I was trying to figure out how to create a better landing page) that I need to stop for now. I … more →

I was in London for a few days

I know it’s been a while since my last blog post but first I was sick for a few days and then there was a quick trip to London for just a few days to just get out of Switzerland for a few days and … more →

Getting into Street Photography

Because making movies or short films or just videos right now is not that easy for me, I started to turn to photography. I mean I will be able to learn compositions in still photography as well and … more →

Let's reboot this fucker

It’s been some time since my last post and I think It’s time to get back to the basics. I’m having a hard time recently thinking and doing creative things. The year started good with shooting … more →

I did some Light Testing

I played around with the camera this weekend. First I did take some cool Photographs at dawn from the Roche Tower yesterday evening and today I wanted to play around with my lights at home and … more →

Just some Random Thoughts

Instead of the usual recap I always did on the last day of the month I thought I just write down some thoughts I had the last few days. But first some words about today’s Featured Image. Last year I … more →