It's difficult to accept the difference between who you are in your head and who you are in the world.

Abe Applebaum, The Kid Detective

Some thoughts on 2020

Last year I started with a different kind of look back or recap on the previous year, no more top ten lists but rather an unsorted or alphabetical list of things I liked and didn’t quite like. And … more →

News from the movie-making front

For the last few days of the special working condition, I was focusing on adding new cool stuff to SoaPatrickSeven, played around with Blender a bit and came up with two new ideas for short films. … more →

Some thoughts on 2019

I don’t want to make some top 10 lists about stuff I liked and didn’t like the past year as I did for 2017 ( Best Movies, Worst Movies, Best TV Shows). Or just look ahead like I did last year. No, … more →

What's the Dealio with the Counter?

I guess you must be wondering why they're suddenly is a counter on top and why abandon the red color and use purple now? Well, this whole look isn’t new, a year ago I had this look already and it’s … more →

I'm trying to put something together

It’s been some time since my last blog post and while I didn’t continue with the 100 Days Drawing Challenge, I was productive in another way. I had a blast shooting and editing that video I did last … more →

It's not that I have something to hide. I have nothing I want you to see

The Girl, Anon

"Infinity War" shocked me

Avengers Infinity War is not really a movie, it’s an event, an event 10 years in the making. I think Infinity War is best described as the Season Finale of Season 3 (or Phase Three when speaking in … more →

Always the issue with Spoilers

With certain movies for which I’m having high hopes and am really looking forward, I started to avoid Trailers or RottenTomatoes Scores. I did this first with Avengers: Age of Ultron then again with … more →