A Redesign after all?

Once again it must be that time of the year where I play around with ideas for a possible new design for this page. Now I know what you’re thinking:

Didn’t you just write the other day that you don’t wanna spend too much time on the design and instead focus on content?

Well yeah, I did, but what I do know is that the sidebar needs to change and then I might as well make a redesign.

Now I’m not talking about a full-on redesign, I like the way the blog posts are displayed and all. What I do mean is everything around it. Placement of the logo, where the sidebar is placed and how it functions and the footer. But it all comes down to the sidebar.

Currently, there are the menu items and the last blog entries, but what I do want to display there is a feed of my Letterboxd account, my Instagram account and if it’s somehow possible from my TV Time account. So that if something happens there it’s immediately visible.

Those are the plans, but there is no timeframe. Like I mentioned previously, I’d love to use Bootstrap4 and flexbox for this, but not while it’s still in alpha.