Ok that was Nonsense

Yesterday when I wrote that I like to keep things close to the chest and not reveal anything here until I’m ready, I quickly realized that this was nonsense. I mean the point of this blog was to put … more →

Testing Ulysses for Blog Posts

I’ve been using Bear as my note-taking app for quite some time, before that, I was using Evernote and Ulysses. I’ve stopped using Evernote the moment they started to charge money in order for my … more →

So let's write a Story...

So I‘m sitting on the train, ready to start a story. Well kinda ready, it helps to have like a starting point from which the story evolves, and that‘s what‘s currently missing, plus I don‘t want … more →

My Space consuming Bullshit

What I realized writing yesterday's blog entry is that I just wrote what came to my mind, reminded me of an old blog where I did just that, I loved doing that. Of course, I’d love to spend hours and … more →