Short Day-Trip to Colmar

I recently also took a short trip to the beautiful french city Colmar, the weather was changing constantly between light rain and sunshine. Nonetheless, I took my camera with me and tried taking … more →

My Trip to Stockholm

I went to Stockholm a few weeks ago for a weekend with some buddies of mine and I took my camera with me, obviously, to capture some Images and get better with compositions and everything … more →

I was in London for a few days

I know it’s been a while since my last blog post but first I was sick for a few days and then there was a quick trip to London for just a few days to just get out of Switzerland for a few days and … more →

Time-Management when Commuting

I‘m commuting now close to 10 years and It‘s not always easy, you lose so much time traveling from and to work and your private life is definitely suffering from this. What I‘ve started doing is … more →

Europapark in the Summer

Many people, including me, always preach to never visit the Europapark in the summer, especially with school being out in many parts of France, Germany and Switzerland. Well, we decided to fuck all … more →