I really don't understand littering


Something I just don’t seem to understand is the thought process when throwing trash on the ground, even more so when it’s a burning cigarette. I mean come on, they don’t even put it out. After all, it’s a burning piece of paper, on the ground, WHAT THE FUCK! Are people just too lazy to look for a trash can nearby or do they just not give a flying fuck?

(Just noticed the crude language, need to calm down a bit)

I see this at least once a day and if I had guts I’d ask them why they just did that, but once you’ve randomly and out of nowhere been beat up you tend to be a bit more careful when approaching strangers.

The sketch is something I’ve drawn like 8 years ago (colorized now on the iPad) which means even back then it bugged the hell out of me. I had this idea of walking up to strangers who just threw something on the ground and asking them why they just did that when a clearly visible large trash container is nearby. Of course, I would have been accompanied by someone who could protect me. But I was just curious to learn why people do this. Maybe I will pick this idea up again, could be an interesting documentary short film.