Deadpool keeps making funny Teasers

The Deadpool Marketing Machine keeps getting funnier and funnier and is still very meta (they have to be careful about becoming too meta though). It all started with the first Teaser shown before … more →

What an amazing Super Bowl

I’ve been watching the Super Bowl for the last 20 years or so, it‘s one of my traditions, so I’ve seen my fair share of games and there have been some turds over the years. But what I’ve seen on … more →

Soderbergh shows how it's done

Funny coincidence, yesterday I talked about shooting videos on an iPhone X because of its ability to shoot in 4K Resolution and later that evening, FOX releases the Trailer for Steven Soderbergh‘s … more →

Emilio Estevez is back with The Public

I haven’t posted a trailer for a long time but then again there weren’t many that really hit me (maybe except for the Avengers one , or Trailer for The Thoroughbreds . This one however kinda hit me … more →

I did naaaht! Oh hi Marc

The worst movie ever made, the best bad movie ever, the Citizen Kane of bad movies. There are many ways to describe the phenomenon that is The Room. After all, the movie is 14 years old and people … more →

Blade Runner 2049, slightly excited

Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner from 1982 is arguably one of the most influential Sci-Fi movies of all time and it’s obvious now that no movie is safe from an unnecessary sequel. Of course, no sequel, no … more →