Charlize Theron rocks as 'Atomic Blonde'

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Keanu Reeves in John Wick was such a surprise hit and good movie with great old-school action scenes that it was just a matter of time before a sequel and more movies like it emerged. The Sequel came out last year and expanded the world of John Wick. This year comes the female version of it. Well, I don’t know if the movie will be anything like John Wick but the Trailers for Atomic Blonde sure play that card.

Nonetheless, it looks fucking awesome! Charlize Theron is an actress who I believe can really kick some ass and look good doing it at the same time. Just like John Wick there are interesting supporting Actors like John Goodman and John MacAvoy who seem to have a blast, Mix that with the setting of 80’s Germany and 80’s Germany Sound (Hopefully in the movie too) you’ve got a movie with a lot of potentials. It all looks promising now I hope the finished movie delivers! *Fingers Crossed*