What an amazing Super Bowl

Superbowl 52

I’ve been watching the Super Bowl for the last 20 years or so, it‘s one of my traditions, so I’ve seen my fair share of games and there have been some turds over the years. But what I’ve seen on Sunday Night was spectacular. It was pure offense spectacle and I‘ve never seen so much passing yards, I think it set a new record after 3 quarters already. I thoroughly enjoyed the game throughout its entirety, of course, it helps that Brady got his ass kicked.

Justin’s Halftime Show

The halftime show wasn‘t bad, Justin Timberlake played his greatest hits and there even was a nice homage to Price, or the Artist formerly known as Prince. But The mixing wasn‘t the best as I had problems hearing his voice and differentiating it from the background playback, but he entertained me while eating tasty burgers!

Big Game Trailers

Thanks to the NFL Game Pass I was able to see all the commercials and there were a few which really stood out, but I‘m more interested in the latest Big Game Trailers for all the upcoming Movie Blockbusters. There are four highlights.

First, there was the first ever publicity for the Solo: A Star Wars Story. The Teaser was quite good, some nice images, but I don‘t know about Alden Ehrenreichs’ performance as Han Solo, I‘m ok with him not doing an impression but I‘m not sold yet, though I‘m not of the people who have a problem with his casting. His performance in Hail Ceaser! was actually the highlight of that movie.

Then there was a short Spot for Avengers Infinity Wars, some cool shots there and a menacing clip of Thanos, I really don‘t have to see anything further to look forward to this movie, I‘m already sold with what I‘ve seen so far.

We’ve also got a very stylish teaser for the second season of Westworld which is suddenly so near, it’s a good pastime until April 2019 when the last season of Game of Thrones finally arrives.

But for me, the biggest highlight was a kick-ass trailer for Mission Impossible Fallout. The 6th entry in the Mission Impossible Franchise sure looks like they haven‘t kept back, Tom Cruise sure didn‘t, even his foot breaking scene is in the trailer. Love or Hate the guy, he sure is a pro when it comes to doing his job.

Funny Commercials

Then there were the usual commercials for services and products and there for me is one clear winner: It‘s a Tide ad. Having David Harbour from Stranger Things in it is a plus but damn that was clever and fun marketing.