February 2018

My new iPhone Gear has to wait

Today I wanted to discuss the new gear I bought for my iPhone to shoot some of those short videos I‘ve talked about but somehow the fact that I have to send in my iPhone for repairs put a small dent … more →

A colorized Cartoon Family Portrait

For my mother's birthday, I thought I could expand the drawing I once made for the 30 Day Drawing Challenge. It meant improving it further, drawing it on a canvas with a much bigger resolution and in … more →

My new weekly Task

I’ve mentioned it a few times the last few days but today is the day to actually announce my new weekly tasks. My main problem is time, I don’t have too much time on a single day to really work on … more →

What to do when just posting Photos?

I started shooting more photos with my iPhone again (after all the camera is a lot better on the iPhone X than on my old iPhone 6) and so far I've posted a lot of them on Instagram but some of these … more →

It's not easy being drunk all the time. Everyone would do it, if it were easy.

Tyrion Lannister, Game of Thrones S03E10

Stumbled upon an old Video

By clicking on the video, I agree to external content being displayed to me. This may transmit personal data to third-party platforms. Read more in my privacy policy. A few years ago I started to … more →

My first own drawn Cartoon Character

It all started when we went to the regular sprint pizza get-together at work. I joked that I’m having a problem unlocking my iPhone when I’m lying in bed and holding the phone too close to my face. … more →

I realized a few Things...

Made some thinking the last two days and I think I realized a few things, so instead of keeping those realizations looked in my head spinning around, I thought hey this is what my blog is for, right? … more →

Morgestraich – vorwärts, Marsch!

Es sind widrmol die Die drey scheenschte Dääg was so viel heisst, dass ich drey Dääg unterwägs wird si. Aber wart emol, wieso schrieb ich denn Baseldytsch? Will ich find dasses passend isch und ich … more →