My new iPhone Gear has to wait

Today I wanted to discuss the new gear I bought for my iPhone to shoot some of those short videos I‘ve talked about but somehow the fact that I have to send in my iPhone for repairs put a small dent in my mood. It seems that the recently replaced front glass is not holding on to the frame on the right side, that or the battery is bulging up and pushing the glass from the inside. Either way, I want it fixed.

Anyway back to the gear I bought for the iPhone, actually any phone but unfortunately my iPhone 6 doesn‘t shoot 4K so I have to wait for my repaired iPhone X since I‘d really love to take advantage of the much-improved camera. I bought a much better iPhone tripod mounting bracket which has an additional connector for a mic or a light. Then I had to buy a GorillaPod Tripod for much more flexibility when positioning the iPhone.

I‘m also looking to invest in a small mic from Røde and a small light. But first I want to test the current setup and then go from there.

Well look at that, I wrote about my gear nonetheless. Well, hopefully, the whole repair service doesn‘t take too long. Having the iPhone on the weekend again would be nice.