My new weekly Task

I’ve mentioned it a few times the last few days but today is the day to actually announce my new weekly tasks. My main problem is time, I don’t have too much time on a single day to really work on something, besides the daily blog posts, so in order to keep on doing creative stuff I now have a week to complete something bigger. This could be a long and insightful blog post, a short story, a drawing, an amination, or a short video. Ideally, I’d love it to be a video each week but I’m not forcing myself into that box to have some flexibility.

Again with the task being a Video, the idea is to come up with a subject, then shoot scenes throughout the week and edit them together towards the end of the week so that I can release it (on whatever platform it makes sense the most). Now I know that especially in the beginning, these videos will mostly suck and I think I have to come to terms with that realization. BUT I have to start somewhere in order to become better and faster through practice.

Of course, this timeframe can also be adapted to all the other categories. Either write and edit a long blog post, a short story or draw and animate throughout the week. Either way, I’m pumped and look forward to the first result by the end of next week.