I had some Time to Think about it!

Something changed that weekend. You know, I was always interested in many creative things. Taking pictures, making movies, writing stories, making websites, drawing and even some drumming. But I … more →

Stumbled upon an old Video

A few years ago I started to play around with drawing on the iPad (back then without the precision of the Apple Pencil) and character Animation. It was a good learning experience but, as I mentioned … more →

Coming up with a new story

I started to think about a different story for my sheep movie and currently, I’m headed in a direction that is very straightforward when it comes to the whole 3-act structure. There’s the inciting … more →

Rewrite Animated Short

Well, I decided to rewrite my animated short because now after working with Blender I actually wanna do that short and I think my idea with the boy and the interface is just a bit too complicated to … more →

Improving 3D Sheep

I fiddled around with my sheep some more and learned how to increase the resolution of the 3D Objects to make it a lot smoother. I also made the legs shorter, looks better now and I wanted to improve … more →

My first 3D animation

Well, I started working with Blender, the free open-source 3D modeling software, and created a 3D Model from the sheep and then added some small animation and all this within 6 hours (more or less). … more →