I realized a few Things...

Made some thinking the last two days and I think I realized a few things, so instead of keeping those realizations looked in my head spinning around, I thought hey this is what my blog is for, right? So here it is: I focus too much on the little things, on the small details instead of seeing the bigger picture. That’s one thing, the other thing is that I cannot get better at something if I don’t actually practice it. But let me give some examples to better illustrate what I mean.

The Bigger Picture

Recently I had the urge to start shooting small videos again, you know actually use my 4K iPhone Camera and try some stuff out. But during that thought process, I realized that I focus too much on a single scene, trying to make the perfect shot instead of thinking that each of these shots/scenes will be part of a longer video which is more important than just one individual scene. Sure the clips have to look good but when I spend too much time on each individual shot there’s no time left for the next one and time is precious these days.

Practice, practice, practice

I created a new time-lapse video of me drawing something on the iPad and I wanted to edit that. So first I opened iMovie, but I had problems there. Then I tried Adobe Premiere, again, problems with the software. Finally, I tried Adobe After Effects and you guessed it, once again I had problems handling the software. The issues I had are not software specific but rather a lack of practice using them. So how can I improve myself if I hardly use any of them and don’t know how to use them properly. I know how to handle Photoshop and a bit of Illustrator but that didn’t happen overnight. I had to practice a lot to get where I am today.

So how can I make videos when I lack the skills to actually edit different scenes together quickly? Of course, I get frustrated when I see how long it takes to make them into a coherent video. I guess I have to start actually doing it and get better and more importantly faster through practice so that I can focus on shooting videos and the creative process of editing them instead of how to use the software.

One more thing…

Another Bonus thing I realized: I tend to take pictures and videos on my Phone but hardly do stuff with them, why not use these for something? I mean, why take pictures and videos in the first place then? So my goal has to be to actually use some of the stuff I take and create something with them. I also have an idea how to enforce these new realizations but that’s a topic for another day.