Getting myself a Studio?

When Apple held their latest presentation on March 8th, I watched with anticipation because I expected them to present a new powerful Mac Mini which would replace my current Intel Mac Mini, what I … more →

Mechanical Keyboards

I must admit, I was playing around with the idea of getting into the mechanical keyboard hobby for quite some time, but as I already wrote in a previous blog post, getting decent keyboards with Swiss … more →

Switching keyboards

I’ve made a bold move recently, I’ve started using a US keyboard. But let’s go back just a bit. I watch a lot of Youtube content and sooner or later, as someone who watches a lot of gadget or gear … more →

Getting into VR

I’ve had my first VR experience about a year ago, where I went to a VR Center and tried on a rather old headset and could experience certain worlds by just walking (or better yet, teleporting) … more →

Got myself a new Camera

After Juicy Finish (which was shot on my old Sony a5000) the realization that I’m in need of a new camera got even bigger. So with the recent Black-Friday and tons of special offers left and right I … more →

Airpods after 4 Months

Four months ago I purchased the Airpods when they were on sale, I thought it was a good offer and I was in need of new small Bluetooth headphones after I bought myself a new iPhone, one without a … more →

Three Months with an iPhone X

For the last three months, minus the 2 weeks where it was off to the Czech Republic for repair, I’ve been using an iPhone X. I hesitated a long time to actually buy one, I think the infamous Notch … more →

Finally got my iPhone X back today

After a two-week trip to the Czech Republic where my iPhone X got repaired and back I’m finally in possession of my iPhone again. During this process, I noticed a few things I did wrong. First I did … more →

My new iPhone Gear has to wait

Today I wanted to discuss the new gear I bought for my iPhone to shoot some of those short videos I‘ve talked about but somehow the fact that I have to send in my iPhone for repairs put a small dent … more →

Did I buy the wrong Phone?

I’ve been an iPhone user since day one, my mom bought me a 1st Generation iPhone from the states. I’ve had an iPhone 1, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and I’ve used the iPhone 6 for three years when … more →