Let's recap February of 2018, shall we?

February recap 2018

I thought I could do a recap at the end of each month about blogging daily and on some personal stuff. When I read this post a few years from now I get a sense of what I did the past month.

I‘m still on track to post daily, 28 Blog Posts this month, and what I‘ve also tried to avoid recently, I mentioned that in a previous Blog Post, is using stock images. Use either a drawing or a photo I‘ve made or leave the featured image out completely and add a suitable Font Awesome Icon instead.

And I think I‘ve found my groove with writing something on a daily basis. There were days when I didn‘t have a subject so I quickly wrote something about what happened to me instead or when I was out of time I simply added a fitting quote. Plus I started to think less about how my posts are received and more about what I feel like writing, the swiss german post is definitely something that stood out and I love it. Though it‘s easy with that small amount of readers.

On the fitness topic, I didn‘t keep up with a daily training session, unfortunately. There was definitely something that had to be reduced, it was just too much. Then there was Fasnacht for three days so something‘s gotta give. But I‘m still optimistic to be in shape for some nice bike tours once it gets warmer, which is hopefully very soon.

Then there are the new weekly tasks which I‘m curious how it will play out. I mentioned the predicament in last month's recap and I think I found a nice compromise. I love the idea and I‘m, so far, determined to keep that up, I have some ideas and I want to see them realized.

So let’s see how this journey continues this very productive year so far.