Cursor, it's finally here

What a process this was, but I finally found the time to finish it and man oh man am I glad it’s finally out there. It all started in August when I shot the first footage, I started a few times in … more →

Starting small with Bad Milk

I’m not sure this qualifies as a short or microfilm but that’s not important. The goal here was to get back into the game of shooting videos, making movies and for that, I was happy with anything. I … more →

Shot a Promo B-Roll Video

So I’ve made my first video with my new gear and I thought a Promo-Video for my Bar ‘ Zum Lange Inseli‘ seems fitting. When you watch a lot of youtube videos you see a lot of so-called B-Roll, so I … more →

Stumbled upon an old Video

A few years ago I started to play around with drawing on the iPad (back then without the precision of the Apple Pencil) and character Animation. It was a good learning experience but, as I mentioned … more →

Rocking on the E-Drum

For the first time while drumming on my e-drum I thought I should start recording myself playing. You know for the longest time I always played to some songs and tried to come as close to the … more →

Slippery follows Insider

After The Insider I uploaded my other video on Vimeo: Slippery When Wet. For the first short clip entirely done with my own equipment, I tried to keep it simple and just test a few things (but … more →

The Insider goes Vimeo

Well, I thought I could upload my old movies to Vimeo and so I started with The Insider. Originally planned as the opening scene of a longer Matrix-fan movie, this one-day shooting took place on the … more →