January 2018

Soderbergh shows how it's done

Funny coincidence, yesterday I talked about shooting videos on an iPhone X because of its ability to shoot in 4K Resolution and later that evening, FOX releases the Trailer for Steven Soderbergh‘s … more →

Shooting Videos with an iPhone?!?

There are some blog posts, especially from way back in the day, where I talk about shooting movies. There are even two Short Films, Short Films? Let’s not call them Short Films, let’s just call them … more →

Playing around with a dark Theme

I had some time today so I made some quick changes to my local installation to see how a dark version of the current theme might look like. This was achieved with 10 lines of SASS, not everything was … more →

I created a new folder with a starter theme from underscores.me for a possible version Five. I'm not sure when and IF this page gets a new design, but I love the idea of a dark theme, you know to save battery on all those OLED screens, so I'll see where this will go.

Growing and living with a Beard

I’m growing a beard now since mid-October. First, it was because I wasn’t in the mood of trimming it every other week during my vacation and I thought why not grow it a bit. And second, the beard … more →

Emilio Estevez is back with The Public

I haven’t posted a trailer for a long time but then again there weren’t many that really hit me (maybe except for the Avengers one , or Trailer for The Thoroughbreds . This one however kinda hit me … more →

Time-Management when Commuting

I‘m commuting now close to 10 years and It‘s not always easy, you lose so much time traveling from and to work and your private life is definitely suffering from this. What I‘ve started doing is … more →

And the Oscar goes to...

So the Nominations are out and some surprises, some not so surprises and the obvious choices after all the previous awards winners. As for me, I’m glad that Gary Oldman seems to be the front-runner … more →

Trash comes in small sizes

Recycling is still a big issue and I think it has come a long way, I mean Pet, Glas, Paper and Tin Cans is something a lot of households recycle. As for me I also started using a CamelBak bottle for … more →