Growing and living with a Beard

Growing a beard

I’m growing a beard now since mid-October. First, it was because I wasn’t in the mood of trimming it every other week during my vacation and I thought why not grow it a bit. And second, the beard received great feedback so I kept it and I kept growing it. Just sometimes I had to trim it slightly and then right before Christmas it started to become long and even annoying sometimes and because I didn’t have a trimming machine at home which could cut longer than 10mm I decided to look for a barber. Unfortunately, my timing wasn’t the best, everyone wanted to look their best for Christmas so getting an appointment wasn’t possible. I decided to trim it back myself to 10mm max but I wasn’t too happy with how short it suddenly looked so I started growing it again.

Now more than a month later it’s getting long again and I’m faced with the same decision once more. Cut back to 10mm, make an appointment at a barber OR, and that’s another possibility, use the hair trimmer with longer trimming attachment. I think for me my ideal beard length is around 20mm, I think. So I want to be able to cut back to that length at the front and keep the side a bit short, the question is trim it myself?

But whatever I decide, a beard this long is temporary, the moment it gets warmer I will cut it back to the 3mm I used to wear for the past 5 years now. It’s just more comfortable with all the humidity and extremely high temperatures during the summer. In colder months a nice long beard keeps the face warm though, which is nice.