Trash comes in small sizes

Recycling is still a big issue and I think it has come a long way, I mean Pet, Glas, Paper and Tin Cans is something a lot of households recycle. As for me I also started using a CamelBak bottle for my daily water consumption, no more unnecessary Water Bottles and Cups. The CamelBak is my daily companion, everywhere I go, because of that I started to drink more and of course, used less trash. Same with plastic bags for groceries, I try to have a bag with or reuse the small plastic bags several times.

Vox (another Youtube Channel I love) has made an interesting video that shows what else you can do for the environment by doing just a bit more, I mean pretty much all suggestions in the video are no-brainers. And I‘d love to see big corporations follow some of the examples mentioned.

So try to do better, question certain choices of your daily routine and maybe there‘s something you can do as well, maybe it‘s just a small thing that can do a lot.