Let's recap January of 2018, shall we?

January 2018 recap

That was a busy month for me, mostly thanks to my new year’s resolutions. First, after gaining a bit of weight over the holidays and because I haven‘t worked out since last October, I wanted to get back on the bike at home and really start using it again, not long but at least do it daily. That went quite nicely. Apart from January 2nd I had a training session each day, 29 times on the bike (usually at least for 30 minutes right after work) and I also went for a walk four times (usually longer than 60 minutes and on weekends). It felt good and I need the exercise to get in shape for spring when I plan on doing longer bike trips.

Another New Year’s Resolution was to write a daily Blog Post. And even though it was sometimes hard to come up with something to write about, I actually have 31 blog entries in January. Of course, there were times where I just posted a quote because I was short on time but it‘s a Blog Post nonetheless.

So working out and writing a Blog Post on a daily basis kept me busy, especially during the weekdays and here‘s the deal now: It‘s hard and I sometimes could use a breather, from either one of the two activities. On one hand, I think it‘s no big deal to reduce blogging to two Blog Posts per week, these could be fleshed out a bit and be better written (you know: write, read, rewrite, read again and add final touches instead of just writing and then publishing). But I feel like I would chicken out from the whole deal to blog daily.

The working out part is something I think I can leave out once in a while without cheating, the body needs some rest after all.

So I‘m kinda in a predicament and I don‘t know how to proceed, I mean I‘d love to maybe work on the black WordPress theme, shoot a nice video or write a screenplay once in a while and I think the daily blog posts might get in the way of that and I don‘t want to fill the blog up with quotes, links or short status updates.

So I guess I need to think about it and see what the ideal plan is without losing the drive I currently have.