Airpods after 4 Months

Four months ago I purchased the Airpods when they were on sale, I thought it was a good offer and I was in need of new small Bluetooth headphones after I bought myself a new iPhone, one without a … more →

"Infinity War" shocked me

Avengers Infinity War is not really a movie, it’s an event, an event 10 years in the making. I think Infinity War is best described as the Season Finale of Season 3 (or Phase Three when speaking in … more →

Three Months with an iPhone X

For the last three months, minus the 2 weeks where it was off to the Czech Republic for repair, I’ve been using an iPhone X. I hesitated a long time to actually buy one, I think the infamous Notch … more →

The End of the F***ing World

I stumbled upon this new TV Show on Netflix and four Episodes in I’m hooked. Love the very dry and British style, nothing flashy. But on the other hand, it’s a very raw show and it definitely isn’t … more →

Going wireless with the Airpods

I thought long and hard about getting the Airpods (i think they are out for over a year now?) but because they seemed expensive and they look funny/weird/dumb on people I hesitated. Now recently two … more →

Zoolander 2 ist OLD und LAME

15 Jahre nach dem ersten Teil folgt nun die Fortsetzung. Die Vorfreude auf den Film war gross, doch das Ergebnis ist dann doch sehr enttäuschend. Es gibt Filme deren Qualität einem besser in … more →