"Infinity War" shocked me

Avengers Infinity War drawing

Avengers Infinity War is not really a movie, it’s an event, an event 10 years in the making. I think Infinity War is best described as the Season Finale of Season 3 (or Phase Three when speaking in Marvel Cinematic Universe terms). So the anticipation was high and the movie delivered on all fronts. It’s a 2 hours and 40 minutes movie and there is no slow moment or a scene I think could be cut. It’s an amazing thrill ride with a gut-punch ending. I’m not going into details here and this is not supposed to be a review, I’m not qualified enough to really review a movie.

So what is this then? Well, a reason to showcase my latest work and express how I felt watching the movie. The movie really shocked me and it took me some time to process what I saw on both an emotional and spectacle level. So I sat down today and decided to draw the star of the movie: Thanos. There’s also an idea for a short comic strip so that one might follow soon.

So if you’ve seen your share of Marvel movies and you liked them, go check it out, preferably on a big screen. It’s an event you can’t miss. Watching this nice put-together summary helps to catch you up on all the important things for Infinity War.