Going wireless with the Airpods


I thought long and hard about getting the Airpods (i think they are out for over a year now?) but because they seemed expensive and they look funny/weird/dumb on people I hesitated. Now recently two things changed. After 3 years I bought myself a new phone and there was a good offer on the Airpods, so I made the purchase. (Plus you see them everywhere so I guess they’ve become mainstream and/or accepted)

So my initial thoughts are WOW. The pairing process is super easy and thanks to the charging Case you always have some battery pack with you, plus with these, I always know how much battery is left for either Airpod or the Case. Since I have weird and super-tight ear canals, I can’t really wear In-Ear Headphones, so I’m stuck with Ear-Pods and I think these are the best Wireless ones out there (also because like 99% of all Wireless Earphones are In-Ear). Soundwise they are fine, same as the corded ones, and that’s just fine by me. For quiet and awesome Sound on-the-go I still have my Over ear BeoPlay h6 (though they might get replaced soon too, depends on pricing and feature of future Bluetooth BeoPlay Headphones).

So I will probably write again in like two months or so and give you some feedback if I’m still happy with them.