March 2006

Slippery is finally here!

By clicking on the video, I agree to external content being displayed to me. This may transmit personal data to third-party platforms. Read more in my privacy policy. Damn what a long process of … more →

Winona was cutting hair too

Yep, but I guess she's happier with it than me :p Plus she's not really concerned about how much it cost. Anyway, she attended another Fashion show on March 21st in Hollywood. The one from Erin … more →

The Guarding Article

TC scanned for us an article from the latest issue of The Guardian. I think the first paragraph of that article pretty much sums up a feeling we all had once, right? Thanks a lot, TC for the scans :) more →

Radiohead confirmed for Scanner

Well, it was once just a rumor (reported here: Radiohead to do Scanner Score?) which got denied but now it seems to be official. Entertainment Weekly confirms that Radiohead is INDEED doing the score … more →

HD Scanner Trailer

YES! I love apple for that, the trailer page at has added an HD Trailer of A Scanner Darkly. To be able to play these you first need Qicktime 7 plus a powerful PC/Mac to play them properly … more →

Cutting Hair

Ok after 7 months I went to see a barber today and goddamn.... how out of touch with the world are those fucking barbers? I mean every time, EVERY TIME, I come home from a barber the first thing I do … more →

Scanner Screened at SXSW

A Scanner Darkly was screened at the South by Southwest Festivals in Austin, Texas and rottentomatoes has a review up from it: Tim Ryan writes: "Richard Linklater's "A Scanner Darkly" was screened … more →

212 Autumn in NY vidcaps

Another not-so-well-received Winona movie was capped by Misery. When I compare those stills from Deeds and Autumn in NY to older movies (or good movies) like Heathers or Great Balls of Fire then I … more →

Winona not in 'Heart' Trailer

A new trailer for The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things got released recently but Winona is no longer featured in it, nor is she mentioned within the trailer or at the end of it with the movie … more →

Mary Warner making Smiley Face?

Now that's weird, the plot of this newly announced indie flick sounds mighty similar to Mary Warner. Smiley Face will star Anna Faris as an actress/slacker who accidentally eats some weed brownies. … more →