18 Years ago today I started AGCN

Wow, one of my first big Web pages just got old enough to vote, damn I’m getting old. I‘ve had homepages before, most notably the Jennifer Love Hewitt Fanpage The Love Chronicle and The Love Corner … more →

It’s been grand

I have always known that one day the whole adventure of AGCN would come to an end, but I never would have imagined it going on for six and a half years when I started with ‘for your eyes only’ in … more →

The Latest...

There's been some stuff going on with Winona lately, and as usual people are talking about it and posting pics on the message board. Winona NUDE! for Marc Jacobs Winona attends the Olympus Fashion … more →

More Heathers After All?

It was rumored before but right now it seems to be back on. According to EW and, Daniel Waters and Winona Ryder are preparing a sequel to the cult movie from 1989. Here's the info from … more →

Comments on "A Scanner Darkly"

It's brilliant. Go see it! I'll try to write a longer review for later and just write a few quick impressions for now. The theatre was almost full, which is encouraging given that the film hasn't had … more →

A Scanner Darkly Contest

I got contacted by CineMedia Promotion the other day and they asked me if I could help them promote the 'A Scanner Darkly' soundtrack and that they have free Soundtracks to give out (only shipping to … more →

A Scanner Darkly Premier Pics

I thought it would be nice to make an update about Winona again, especially if such lovely pics made its way on the net on June 30th :) Well I've collected 32 pictures so far from various sources and … more →

New Dracula SE DVD?

In an interview with DVD Producer Kim Aubry, he mentioned that he will be filming some special bonus material for a new edition of Bram Stoker's Dracula. Well, it would be nice to finally get one … more →

Winona was cutting hair too

Yep, but I guess she's happier with it than me :p Plus she's not really concerned about how much it cost. Anyway, she attended another Fashion show on March 21st in Hollywood. The one from Erin … more →

The Guarding Article

TC scanned for us an article from the latest issue of The Guardian. I think the first paragraph of that article pretty much sums up a feeling we all had once, right? Thanks a lot, TC for the scans :) more →