Mary Warner making Smiley Face?

Now that's weird, the plot of this newly announced indie flick sounds mighty similar to Mary Warner. Smiley Face will star Anna Faris as an actress/slacker who accidentally eats some weed brownies. Not sure what this all means, if Mary Warner does not exist anymore or if 2 projects with the same plot get made. But then again it has been awfully quiet about Mary Warner for some time now so who knows, maybe Mary Warner ended up turning into a Smiley Face.

For the whole story go here: Anna Faris To Freak Out, Seek Munchies In Araki Flick

Update: Well it seems it actually IS Mary Warner just retitled according to Joblo and as one of the few people who has actually seen Mysterious Skin I look forward to Gregg Araki's Smiley Face no matter if Winona is in it or not. Thanks to Tenzil for the find on this.