HD Scanner Trailer

YES! I love apple for that, the trailer page at Apple.com has added an HD Trailer of A Scanner Darkly. To be able to play these you first need Qicktime 7 plus a powerful PC/Mac to play them properly on your computer. Plus I made some screencaps from the 720p version because at this size the caps look actually GOOD :D so enjoy for those who can :p Oh and btw those clips cannot be saved unless you have Quicktime Pro :(

  • ‘A Scanner Darkly’ Trailer 2 - HD 480p (mov file - 40mb)
  • ‘A Scanner Darkly’ Trailer 2 - HD 720p (mov file - 92mb)
  • ‘A Scanner Darkly’ Trailer 2 - HD 1080p (mov file - 156mb)
  • 10 A Scanner Darkly Screencaps
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Update: I made a screencap from the bed scene of the 1080p version. I thought some people might wanna use it for wallpapers or I don't know ;) If you have a request for another pic from the trailer in this quality and size please let me know. Oh, the size of the pic is 1920x1056 :) On a side note, this is pic number 8000!!!!!! Yes, we've reached the 8000 mark here :)