Radiohead confirmed for Scanner

Well, it was once just a rumor (reported here: Radiohead to do Scanner Score?) which got denied but now it seems to be official. Entertainment Weekly confirms that Radiohead is INDEED doing the score for A Scanner Darkly. I guess all the postponing of the movie finally has a reason :p Here's the info from and thanks to ChrisB for the find.

Back in December, we brought you this scoop about Radiohead possibly doing the score to Richard Linklater's A SCANNER DARKLY. Afterwards, I received a lot of e-mails saying, "It's never gonna happen!" or "Radiohead is too busy working on their next album!" Well nanny-nanny-boo-boo to you. Entertainment Weekly confirms today that Radiohead is indeed doing the score for A SCANNER DARKLY. Warner Independent confirmed to EW that Radiohead would provide original music and the score to the film, which is set for release on July 7. While it isn't the first time that Radiohead has contributed music to a film (Baz Luhrmann's abhorrent ROMEO AND JULIET featured "Exit Music (For A Film)") it would be the first time they composed an original score for a film. No telling yet if Radiohead will use any of the music they had already been working on for their forthcoming album. Coincidentally Radiohead is set to tour this summer with Beck, who just so happens to be doing his first original score for a film on NACHO LIBRE.