Cutting Hair

Ok after 7 months I went to see a barber today and goddamn.... how out of touch with the world are those fucking barbers? I mean every time, EVERY TIME, I come home from a barber the first thing I do is wash my hair again to get rid of whatever they did with their final touches. I always end up looking like some model in hair magazines or so, like anyone is walking around like this.

Well, it was the last time I went to that place. I swear, after 2 minutes I looked like a Beatle and then she cut the hair sp precise like I haven't seen it in 20 years, HELLO!!!! We live in a time where the hair is supposed to look natural not make it look cut with precision laser scissors. For the very first time ever I had to do some recutting at home because it looked like shit on the side. The most fucked up part is that I paid to get that look, I know I should have complained there and not here but I'm not the guy who does that. Well, I hope that within a month I look kinda normal again and maybe I go to a different barber just to fix what can be fixed.