Soap Factory

After a brief timespan where I played with the idea of a name change to Soap Factory, I started to work on a logo to that name. It all started with the idea of a factory where instead of smoke, bubbles come out of the chimney. The whole logo should have an industrial feel to it and I liked the idea of a used look.

I started with different kinds of silhouettes of factories with a chimney and bubbles emerging from it. After some different looks, I started to google for factory images and drawings until I stumbled upon this old factory image which I liked. There were different styles I tried but in the end, I threw away the name Idea but I liked some of the designs I ended up with.

Defining a Logo (for now)

Well after thinking about the whole logo thing yesterday at Work, I decided that for now I will use the very simple one on the left. I like the whole simple aspect of it and it just pops like I … more →

Simplifying the logo part 2

Well well well, sometimes I hate myself for not being able to just live with something I’ve created but on the other hand, the constant bickering on something makes the product often evolve into … more →

Simplifying the logo

Well, I’ve been brainstorming about the design and I kept running into problems with the logo because of it’s complexity and therefore its need for a certain minimum size. When I had an idea I still … more →

The problem with originality

Well, I know that these days it’s hard to come up with a name for a place or a “company” that has never been used before unless you come up with fantasy names or put together 2 very different words. … more →

From the logo to a new design

Well a few days have passed now and I’ve looked at the logo quite a bit, tinkered with it slightly and hang it around in the appartment so that I can look at it constantly and see it something … more →

Getting there

Well, that was a fruitful night yesterday. I think for 3 hours straight I was working on this with Adobe Illustrator because I was so excited where it was all leading that I couldn’t go to bed before … more →

Working on logo details

So I sat on the couch with the iPad and started to draw (with his amazing app called Paper) what the factory inside the ellipse should look like. So I gave it a 3-dimensional look which will be … more →

Working on the new idea

Yesterday I mentioned having a new Idea so I scribbled them on a piece of paper during work and the moment I came home I put those scribbles into digital images. Now this morning I started fresh with … more →