Defining a Logo (for now)

Soap Productions

Well after thinking about the whole logo thing yesterday at Work, I decided that for now I will use the very simple one on the left. I like the whole simple aspect of it and it just pops like I mentioned yesterday already. Maybe I will add the Production title below in the same custom font, depends on how it looks. But either way, that font with the bubbles will be the new logo for now. Until I come up with a logo with a factory included that pleases me enough and can be displayed in various forms.

Soap Logo

Talking about that whole thing, I also drew something down on paper yesterday at work, how I picture the future logo. I’m not sure yet if the frame should be rectangle or an elipse and not sure how to make the image fade into the background color outside the frame but the concept I think should be this or in some form like this, all I need now is a selfmade factory with a chimney oh and a font that looks clean by default and doesn’t have the worn out look, because that I can add myself, but I cannot make a wornout font clean, or I haven’t figured that out yet, maybe I can.

Now this morning I took that factory image from yesterday and implemented some things to make it look like something I could see in the future and I really like it. Of course the chimney is not 100% perfect implemented into the image and the bubbles look not bad but not perfect either, but I like it nontheless.

Soap Productions drawing