Simplifying the logo

Well, I’ve been brainstorming about the design and I kept running into problems with the logo because of it’s complexity and therefore its need for a certain minimum size. When I had an idea I still had to change the logo slightly and it made the logo look better in my opinion.

Because I removed the black sky from the logo, the factory itself becomes more present in the logo and the ellipse is not as dominant anymore. The downside is that this has been achieved by photoshop and not by Adobe Illustrator. Cutting out something in illustrator is not that simple like it photoshop and I’m still a lot more comfortable with photoshop but I will try to make it work if I wanna keep the look of the logo like this.

Soap Productions Logo

But still, it was a complex logo and just because I could work with different colors for the sky didn’t solve a lot of problems for me. So I took a long shower, went shopping and on the way some ideas popped into my head. Why simplify this exact logo and not just make a slightly different and simpler logo. First, the idea scared me, because it meant to come up with a ‘new’ logo and I started to have doubts about the current logo. But after some fiddling around this is what I came up with.

Soap Productions Logo

I REALLY like the simplicity of the logo and how it still looks good when it’s really small. It seems to work even better on just black and white and I can see it be implemented within a web design.

Just looking at it I’m asking myself why not make this my primary logo and get rid of the other one completely? Well, I’m not sure if I should do that already, I still like the factory logo and the simple one isn’t that clear as what it means (that’s just a guess since I know what it means but other people who don’t know the factory logo might see something different).

As always I will see how I feel about those logos in a few days and that always tells me if it’s something I really like or if it was just a short ‘crush’.