The problem with originality

Well, I know that these days it’s hard to come up with a name for a place or a “company” that has never been used before unless you come up with fantasy names or put together 2 very different words. So I knew that the name Soap Factory surely was already in use but when I googled it and it showed me a place with very close proximity to my place and also close proximity to what I plan on doing here then it bums you out a bit more.

So the Soap Productions is borne. The name is not as cool as The Soap Factory but I like it nonetheless and still rings true to the general idea of this place. The logo was changed rather quickly since it was only the name of it and I could keep the factory and it still would make sense. I decided to get rid of the ‘the’ and just have Soap Productions under the factory and I think it tightens the whole logo and therefore looks a bit better than before.

Soap Productions Logo

Does this change anything else for the page? Absolutely not, the name has changed but the logo stays and the general idea of what this place should be is still the same.