Simplifying the logo part 2

Well well well, sometimes I hate myself for not being able to just live with something I’ve created but on the other hand, the constant bickering on something makes the product often evolve into something new.

So I came up with the simple logo yesterday and late in the evening I started to play around with it some more and this is something that came out of that process. So I added the chimney to the letter ‘S’ to still have the factory aspect within the logo. But it might be hard to see it that way from a certain distance or even from up close but I thought I throw it up here anyway.

Soap Productions Logo

The other thing that I started to work on was to go back to the original logo and use that simple aspect with that font from back there. I remember that I even mentioned in one of the first posts in the logo process that I’d love to use that font now with an icon. Now those bubbles are a bit simple for calling them an icon but I think it works. It looks fresh, it POPS and I can see it being implemented in a web design.

Soap Logo

So here is what I was thinking about under the shower just now. I have some ideas for the bigger logo with the factory and all but I’m having problems with #1 the factory itself and #2 the font I used before because the worn-out look is by default like this and I’d love to have the same font but a clean version of it.

So the idea right now is to stay with either the clean Soap Logo with the bubbles or the worn-out Soap Production Logo without the chimney but with the bubbles (or maybe the one with the chimney), either the way it has to be a simple one.

In the meantime, I will try to create the perfect factory image (I’ve found one but of course, I’d like to create one myself but for that, I need the right tools, or the right friends) which I can use for a simple black and white logo but will also work with more colors as a rich logo. The one on the right is perfect except for the power lines and the fact that it misses a chimney. I will also rethink the way to implement the factory into the logo. Should I keep the ellipse or would it also work with a square, things like this?

Old Factory

Well, this is the idea I’m having right now and I will be off to work soon where I can think about this idea and maybe have a decision tomorrow.