February 2006

Shooter drinks are bad

Damn what a weekend, 3 days in a row having a great time with friends and drinking alcohol. I wouldn't have thought that I'd be able to go through with this but I think that after these heavy 3 days … more →

New Scanner Poster and Trailer

The first real poster has been put online by moviesonline.ca and it looks stunning. Plus what has been announced recently is out now, the second trailer of this very good-looking movie, yes I really … more →

What Happened Now?

I guess that's the question that hangs on your lips right now as you came back today to check some pics out or see what's new with Winona. Well to tell you what happened: AGCN has received a new … more →

212 Boys Vidcaps

The dream of every "Boys" fan has come true, 212 Noni only vidcaps from the movie which in my opinion now answers the very important question, the one of the bra's color. For many years the community … more →

Winona on Another Magazine

"OH MY GOD" That's the first thought I had when I saw those pics, OH MY GOD!!!!!! I mean it has been a long time since Winona had a photo shooting and even longer I think the photoshoot looked this … more →

Noni Magazine pics

A friend texted me to let me know there is a magazine out in the UK with some new photos of Winona. Have a look here (a very nice pic!) anothermag.com more →

Winona Pays Tribute To Chris Penn

Winona had a few words to say about the passing of her co-star Chris Penn. Here is a link to that article: Ryder Pays Tribute to Penn Speaking at a screening of The Darwin Awards at the Sundance Film … more →

errrr... Happy New Year

Yeah, I'm a bit late :p well, I think I will try to write more often now, not very long bits but short entries, and really really really really really do it this time and make my 3 readers out there … more →

VH1: 100 Greatest Teen Stars

On Monday, February 6, VH1 will present one of their new count downs, this time the 100 Greatest Teen Stars. Winona made it into the top 10 so be sure to not miss this. Thanks to ChrisB for the … more →

Scanner sold to LG Films?

According to missoulian.com, "A Scanner Darkly" has been sold (at Sundance this year, after a screening of the movie) to Lions Gate Films. As ChrisB rightly noticed, isn't this a Warner Independent … more →