What Happened Now?

I guess that's the question that hangs on your lips right now as you came back today to check some pics out or see what's new with Winona. Well to tell you what happened: AGCN has received a new outfit once again. I know v11 didn't live long enough yet to get replaced already but the reason for the change wasn't because I was bored with v11 but because I was bored with AGCN in general.

I don't know if you want to call this here v12 because it's actually not entirely AGCN anymore but AGCN &Me :D. It was time for me to go back to the roots, back to the good ol' days where it was fun for me to work on it, where I included myself and my personal life a lot more into it.

In the past years, I tried to push AGCN towards something I now realize wasn't right for it. I wanted it to be this GRAND Winona page that covers it all and has all those cool features and shit but towards this process, it started to lose its soul (sounds really corny I know). It started to have this corporate feeling of just giving fans the latest things without any emotion included.

So I turned it around and like I said go back to the days where this place was something special (at least it was for me). I remember the nonsense corner, I remember the joke of the day which was included in updates and I remember the personal stories I sometimes told in between. So AGCN is now pretty much AGCN and 'Patricks Space Consuming Bullshit' merged into one big Journal :)

Also, I got rid of the movie detail pages, now the journal categories will take over that job, and also got rid of the fanart section. Before I deleted it I downloaded it all so in case anyone wants something specific, just let me know. I will though include the AGCN comics in the picture gallery and soon create a new Wallpaper folder there where people can contribute their work.

So like it or not but that's how it's going to be now and maybe some people out there will be happy with this change (I know some will) to the rest I say "Welcome ... MUAHAHAHAHA" :D