Shooter drinks are bad

Damn what a weekend, 3 days in a row having a great time with friends and drinking alcohol. I wouldn't have thought that I'd be able to go through with this but I think that after these heavy 3 days I should cut back a bit and I also want to. But I realized that mixing shooter drinks in between your usual stuff can end BADLY, especially with weird exotic ones :)

The reason for being heavily drunk those past 3 weekends for the first time is the reborn interest in my own mixed long islands. They might not be as strong as you can get them in bars but they kill you anyway, yes I speak or write out of the experience. Now friends come to my place and all want a taste again, it's also always the big hit at my birthday parties. So when I mix for friends I tend to mix one for myself too, but I still think I can improve it and since the test drinks have to be tested as well I tend to get drunk a lot on weekends recently

Wait a sec, why am I trying to justify my weekend behavior here? I'm young (though I get the saying 'damn you're getting old' a lot more recently) and I'm still here to have a good time, for now. Anyway, I try to cut back and make the drunk feel something special again because it starts to become this 'yeah ok I'm drunk' thing when it actually should be 'wow cool, I'm wasted... hooray'. So the next few weekends I take it slow, no more whiskey coke or self-mixed long islands for me (let's see how long I can keep my hands from them :p)

Btw if young kids are reading this, alcohol is BAD :p