errrr... Happy New Year

Yeah, I'm a bit late :p well, I think I will try to write more often now, not very long bits but short entries, and really really really really really do it this time and make my 3 readers out there happy :D

Btw nice new year start so far, met a new girl (though things are a bit complicated with us, but still) and we have fun and who knows, maybe yours truly will be off the market soon :)

What else? Mmmmm having watched a lot of movies and I keep working on web pages, now mainly on the board and on AGCN v12. Maybe I'll stick to it longer than I stuck to a lot of other designs in the past, I have to stop redesigning the whole place every 6 months :D

Ok enough for today oh and greetings to Sephi who seems to have come out of hiding