212 Boys Vidcaps

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The dream of every "Boys" fan has come true, 212 Noni only vidcaps from the movie which in my opinion now answers the very important question, the one of the bra's color. For many years the community was split into 2 groups, the 'Dark Green' group, and the 'Black' group. Now I think the latest vidcaps prove that the 'Dark Green' one (where I was president of) was right all along :p

Well, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did, clicking through those 212 pics real fast is like watching the movie without all those annoying little things (like whining little boys, boys and some more boys with no Winona in the frame). a BIG THANK YOU goes to Misery who took those vidcaps for us. Thanks, dude, very appreciated what you did here.