Cursor, it's finally here

By clicking on the video, I agree to external content being displayed to me. This may transmit personal data to third-party platforms. Read more in my privacy policy. What a process this was, but I … more →

So what's the Status?

I thought I write a short status on what is happening right now and get at least one post in September. SoaPatrickSix I did some small changes to the theme as you might have noticed when looking at … more →

Cutting with Purpose

Today I finished the first Video Board cut for Cursor and I had some problems with it at first because the movie will have more cuts than any of my previous movies before. I spent a lot of time … more →

First thoughts on VideoBoards

I did start on making videoboards with my iPhone and then editing them on the iPhone itself with Adobe Rush or syncing it to my Mac and editing it there. It’s still a pain to film myself and not … more →

Making VideoBoards with an iPhone

In yesterday's post, I talked about how I realize what shots I need once I cut something together. Today I found the song I want to use for Cursor and that changes the mood and the tempo of the movie … more →

Progress on Cursor

I thought it would be a good idea to share some progress updates on Cursor, my next micro-film. I’ve shot some material last Sunday with the help of a friend, and I’m currently trying to cut it … more →

Ok that was Nonsense

Yesterday when I wrote that I like to keep things close to the chest and not reveal anything here until I’m ready, I quickly realized that this was nonsense. I mean the point of this blog was to put … more →

I'm working on Something

It’s been a while but I’m having an idea for a new micro movie and I started to write down some notes, draw some storyboards and test some shots. I don’t wanna put TOO much pressure on me with a … more →