Ok that was Nonsense

Yesterday when I wrote that I like to keep things close to the chest and not reveal anything here until I’m ready, I quickly realized that this was nonsense. I mean the point of this blog was to put those things out there and use them to make the next step, so why not actually do that? It’s not like my projects are a bit secret and that the “thousands” of daily visitors will “steal” my ideas.

So with that said and done, here’s the gist of my idea: I thought that my struggle to come up with a story for my next micro-film could be an interesting subject to explore. Maybe through that process, I find out what actually keeps me from doing more film stuff and break free from some of these habits.

A big issue for me is the distraction of consuming other things, like clips on YouTube, some Movie, or an episode from a TV Show. I sometimes catch myself looking for anything to watch on Youtube just to avoid doing something productive. I think finding a story there might be interesting and therapeutic.

So far I have a beginning which is in some part written as a list of what’s happening and part as storyboards but I need to dig a bit deeper. This week will be tough but maybe watching a bit less YouTube and actually dealing with this issue once in a while might be helpful.

I think writing all this down and getting it off my chest was helpful already. So maybe I will keep on doing that…