Cutting with Purpose

Today I finished the first Video Board cut for Cursor and I had some problems with it at first because the movie will have more cuts than any of my previous movies before. I spent a lot of time moving scenes around in and nothing really satisfied me when I started to remember from some making-of videos and some tutorials that each cut needs to have a purpose. Why do you cut to that specific angle, what do you want to tell by showing the audience this and not that angle?

The moment I started to edit with that thought in my mind it got a lot easier. So that’s what I take away from today, always cut with a purpose.

As for the actual cut itself, I’m quite happy with it, I might tinker with it after I let it be for a day or two and look at it with fresh eyes. But I’m quite happy with the result and it gave me an easy shotlist for when I shoot it for real.