October 2019

Today is my 40th Birthday, so I thought it was fitting to change something on this page. A quick Illustrator session to create a vector 40 to replace the SP, but just for today.

So let's talk my next Project

At the beginning of this month, I talked about a new Project and even revealed the title but there were no details about anything else. Well, now I spill the beans on this project. Actually, the idea … more →

What 'The Body' means to me

The last Photograph of Comso (left) The Body is the 16th Episode from the 5th Season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and it’s a tough one. I’ve been watching and rewatching Buffy a few times now and the … more →

Short Day-Trip to Colmar

I recently also took a short trip to the beautiful french city Colmar, the weather was changing constantly between light rain and sunshine. Nonetheless, I took my camera with me and tried taking … more →

Youtube and Google Page Speed

It’s funny that something from Google (yes Youtube belongs to Google, in case you didn’t know) slows down the page that dramatically and the Google Page Speed results take a dive because of it. I … more →

My Trip to Stockholm

I went to Stockholm a few weeks ago for a weekend with some buddies of mine and I took my camera with me, obviously, to capture some Images and get better with compositions and everything … more →

Cursor, it's finally here

By clicking on the video, I agree to external content being displayed to me. This may transmit personal data to third-party platforms. Read more in my privacy policy. What a process this was, but I … more →

How long do we have?

This is not a philosophical question but rather the title of my next project. Yes, I have an idea and a title already and it’s something I’m quite enthusiastic about. I will go into details of what … more →

Colorize the shit out of it

I couldn’t really keep myself from further work on this theme but it was so much fun to do this. Now you can not only switch between Light and Dark mode, no, now you can also choose your own color … more →